At McLennan Engineering, we love helping clients design their perfect ute & tray combo. As a standard, all of our trays include:

  • Engineered and certified Chassis Mounts
  • 4mm High tensile floor
  • 3mm pressed sides for strength
  • 100x50x6 chassis runner for added strength
  • Stainless steel hinges and latches
  • Bolt on mudguards and boxes to adjust to tyre size
  • Heavy duty Whale Tail locks

Additional options include but are not limited to;

  • Water tanks
  • Diesel tanks
  • Dual battery systems
  • Lighting and wiring
  • Colour coding to match vehicles

See below for more options. We can also include custom features not outlined below, at the clients request.

Ute Tray Features Can Include

  • Engineered and certified Chassis Mounts
  • 4mm high tensile flooring
  • CNC Laser cut and Pressed Side rails
  • Sealed Departure boxes
  • Undertray Pull out drawer
  • Flared one piece mudguards with high lift fold for wheel flex
  • Heavy duty drop sides
  • Stainless steel latches hinges and fixings
  • Heavy duty Whale Tail locks
  • Water tanks
  • Flush mounts removable builder rack to match Headboard
  • LED Combination Taillights, Worklights and Rotating Beacons
  • Quality hardwearing Powdercoat and 2 Pack automotive finishes


  • Robust Construction can be both full time Canopies or Lift off option
  • Internal Framing for added strength
  • Lift-off legs available
  • Bolt on-off doors with anti theft security nut system
  • Door openings to suits customer requirements
  • Dog Compartments to suit mans best friends requirements
  • Electrical systems and layout to suit customer requirements inc 12vlt battery setup, solar systems etc
  • Drawers, Shelving, Pantries and bench tops made to size
  • Uni Strut system to allow manoeuvrability and personalisation of your setup
  • Internal Lighting
  • Remote central locking wired to vehicle system one button locks both Vehicle and Canopy
  • Fridge mounting both stand up and slide mounted
  • Roof platform and racks
  • Removable 20ltr jerry can and water holders
  • Removable fold down ladders
  • Removable spare wheel mounts
  • Quality hardwearing Powder coat and 2 Pack automotive finishes


LC Single cab 79 series

With this build the customer wanted to do outback touring whilst still having enough tray space for weekend use and includes

  • 2.3mtr Aluminium tray
  • 4 x undertray sealed boxes
  • 70ltr Headboard water Tank
  • 800mm long full width Canopy
  • Stand up fridge installed on passenger side in canopy
  • Dual spare tyre mounts
Ford Ranger King Cab

Our Customer came to us from the Forestry and Plantation Industry. The purpose of this build was to be able to use the setup for back burning operations.  We had to be able to fit all the required tools and camp gear (as they generally camp the night) in this build whilst still carrying enough water to contain the back burning operation and includes;

  • E heavy duty tray
  • 2 x Service boxes with drawers, shelves, 30lts drawer fridge, fold down bench top with chainsaw vice for sharpening blades
  • 350ltr water tank between boxes plumbed to petrol pump
  • Jerry can holders
  • 180 deg fold out awning
  • Roof platform
  • Hot water system for showering
  • Dual battery system
  • Work lights and tool box internal lighting
  • Twin aircompressor and tank
  • Under tray Pull out drawer with Lid
  • 2 Pack painted
Space Cab Hilux

This build was designed to meet the customers requirements for out-back touring and includes:

  • Full length tray and canopy but not to overhang towbar excessively
  • Dual undertray boxes
  • Under tray pull out drawer with bench top
  • Canopy to have 85ltr Stand Up fridge mounted
  • Canopy to have slide out Pantry installed
  • Central locking on canopy doors
  • Dual battery system and all Auto electrical wiring to be installed
  • Canopy roof platform
  • 20ltr Jerry can holder
  • Spare wheel mount
  • Fold down ladder
  • Under tray 75ltr stainless steel drinking water tank
  • All door to be Colour coded to match Vehicle

*Keep an eye out for this one anywhere around OZ

Single cab Next Gen Ford Ranger

The single cab Next Gen Ford Ranger was an Onsite Service Vehicle for the team at Ongmac Trading

  • Requirement to be  Aluminium to reduce GVM when loaded with tools
  • Tray to be 2.4mtrs long
  • Fit with under tray Pullout drawer and workbench
  • 40ltr under tray water tank for washing hands
  • 2 x service boxes with drawer and shelving setup as per customer requirements
  • 2 x Led Rotating beacons
  • Enough Tray space between boxes for air compressor
Landcruiser 79 series dual cab

One of our heavy duty Aluminium Canopies. This one has been designed and fitted to our clients existing tray.


  • Both Canopy and departure boxes made from 3mm Aluminium
  • Dust proof and water proof canopy and departure
  • Custom heavy duty 4 drawer system with 125kg rated lock-in / lock-out slides
  • 60ltr drop down fridge slide
  • Shelving for added storage
  • Dual battery system
  • Fork pockets (as per clients specs) for easy removal of canopy when needed
  • Both canopy and boxes keyed alike.
Custom Heavy duty Aluminium Ute Trays

This one is Fitted with the Maxi Lift Ant Crane and single drop down leg. With underbody boxes all round that house the battery and allow for more storage.

Landcruiser 79 series dual cab

One of our heavy duty Aluminium Ute trays and canopies fitted to the 79 series Dual cab Landcruiser.


  • 1200mm long canopy with shelving and fridge slide is partitioned off
  • 60ltr Drop down fridge slide
  • Heavy duty departure boxes
  • 600mm of tray space behind front box
  • Front and rear builders racks
  • 250mm high dropsides
  • Colour coded to match Ute and floor/inside of sides and the underside of tray are Raptor lined for strength.
Landcruiser 79 series single cab

Heavy duty Aluminium tray.


  • Front storage box
  • 4 x underbody boxes
  • Underfloor water tank and
  • 250mm high drop sides.
  • All colour coded to match vehicle with
  • Floor being Raptor lined.
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